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Handheld Magnifiers

Join us on Monday, June 8th, for a tutorial on handheld magnifiers. The tutorial will cover magnification  devices such as lighted magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, handheld CCTVs, and magnification options available on IOS devices. Date: Monday June 8 Time: 1:00 p.m. To register for this meeting, email Rebecca at

Weekly Virtual Support Group

We are excited to feature a few of our Lighthouse Employees! Tune in to listen to their stories about how Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth has impacted their lives. Date: Wednesday, June 10 Time: 10 AM - 12 PM To register for this meeting, email Rebecca at

Perkins Braille Writer Tutorial

Join us on Tuesday, June 16 for a tutorial on how to use the Perkins Braille writer.  Tune in to learn the essentials for using the Braille writer as well as other Braille related writing devices. Date: Tuesday, June 16 Time: 1:00 p.m. To register for this meeting, email Rebecca at

Virtual Cookout

Join us on Monday June 29 at 1:00 p.m. for a virtual cookout experience! Tune in to learn best practices for using a George Foremen Grill as well as how to determine when hamburger meat has been properly cooked. Those tuning in are welcome to follow along from home while we cookout live from the … Continue reading "Virtual Cookout"

Support Group

Join us on Wednesday, July 8 at 10:00 AM for a presentation about how to raise children when you are blind or visually impaired. Our guest speaker, Tracy Whiting, is a mother who is blind and raising two children. Tune in to learn tips and techniques to help you raise children independently when you are … Continue reading "Support Group"

Script Talk Presentation

Tune in to learn how Script Talk can assist you with identifying your medication along with other features of the program. Date: Monday, July 13 Time: 1 PM To register for this meeting, email Rebecca at

Topaz OCR Presentation

Join us on Monday, July 27th for a tutorial on the Topaz OCR device made by  Freedom Scientific. Tune in  to learn how the Topaz empowers individuals with vision loss to read and access printed material. Date: Monday, July 27 Time: 1 PM To register for this meeting, email Rebecca at

Virtual Adjustment to Blindness Support Group

Every month we host Support Group for people who are visually impaired or blind. Our adjustment to blindness support group is intended to help people in the blindness community connect with others who have the shared experience of vision loss, while providing information about resources and teaching strategies and approaches to coping with vision loss … Continue reading "Virtual Adjustment to Blindness Support Group"

Ask the Blind Guys


Do you have a question regarding blindness you’ve been wanting to ask, but didn’t feel comfortable asking? You’re not the only one! Many people have questions, but are often times too afraid to ask or fear they may offend someone; so we’ve decided to create a safe space to have these conversations. Lighthouse for the … Continue reading "Ask the Blind Guys"

Virtual Support Group


Join us on Wednesday, October 7th at 10:00 AM for our monthly virtual support group. Our guest speaker, John Castillo, has worked for Criss Cole rehabilitation center for the past 7  years spending his last 6 in teaching technology. Before CCRC, John worked for Texas school for the blind as a rehab and music teacher. … Continue reading "Virtual Support Group"