Our board makes sure Lighthouse Fort Worth is always aimed in the right direction, helping blind and low vision Texans achieve their independence.

  • headshot-Ms. Theresa Berend

    Ms. Theresa Berend

    Law Firm Owner/Attorney

  • headshot-Mr. Blake Billings

    Mr. Blake Billings

    Associate Attorney

  • headshot-Ms. Elizabeth Campbell

    Ms. Elizabeth Campbell

    Newspaper Reporter

  • headshot-Dr. Charlene Conner

    Dr. Charlene Conner

    College Lecturer

  • headshot-Ms. Dana Compton

    Ms. Dana Compton

    Director Business Development Architecture

  • headshot-Dr. Jennifer Deakins

    Dr. Jennifer Deakins

    Director, Eye Clinic (Board Chair)

  • headshot-Joe Estill

    Joe Estill

    Human Resources

  • headshot-Mr. Brian T. Farrington

    Mr. Brian T. Farrington


  • headshot-Kristi Hasty

    Kristi Hasty

    Community Volunteer (Board Secretary)

  • headshot-Mr. Michael Hingson

    Mr. Michael Hingson

    Business Owner/Public Speaker

  • headshot-Ms. Melanie Lara

    Ms. Melanie Lara

    Independent Consulting Account Services (Treasurer)

  • headshot-Jeff Moten

    Jeff Moten

    Banking and Finance (Board Treasurer)

  • headshot-Mr. R. Alston Roberts

    Mr. R. Alston Roberts

    Branch Manager, Investment Services

  • headshot-Councilman Dennis Shingleton

    Councilman Dennis Shingleton

    City Councilmember