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If you know anything about us and our mission, you know independence is what we’re all about!

Mike Evers has cataracts and glaucoma and has been low vision all his life. Evers has been an Inside Sales Rep with Lighthouse for over 2 years now and when asked what Independence means to him this is what you’ll hear, “Independence is the ability to live, work and thrive where you want. Having the ability to pay all of your bills, join a gym, engage in a favorite hobby or activity, travel and spend time with the people you love. When you possess the confidence to try something new and challenging, think outside the box and overcome challenges brought on to you by blindness, another disability or anything at all and you don’t quit, that makes you independent.”

At Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth, we pride ourselves is staying true to our mission, to empower individuals who are blind through superior training, meaningful employment and specialized client services so that they lead full lives with the highest level of independence and quality of life. Mike, along with many other employees, are living proof of the impact we are able to make through our client services and employment opportunities.

If you would like to know how you can help support our mission and help folks who are blind maintain or even regain their independence, please take a look around our website, There are many options suitable for all people; whether you are purchasing copy paper, drug testing devices, or shooting targets from us to volunteering or donating to our cause. Every bit is greatly appreciated.
Stay tuned over the next few months as we take a closer look into the lives of our employees to discover what the word “independence” means to them.

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Mike Evers in a blue shirt