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Eleven Texas youth who are blind or are significantly vision impaired had the opportunity to hone their technology skills during a week-long stay as part of the 2016 Camp Lighthouse @ the Y. This is the 5th year for the collaboration with YMCA Camp Carter and the fifth year for the generous funding support from the Alcon Foundation.

Along with learning basic operations, campers learned about apps that are pertinent in the classroom and in daily life; apps such as the KNFB Reader and the iMovie app. In addition to hands-on learning, campers had the opportunity to interact with other campers, sight-impaired and sighted; meet adult mentors who are visually impaired; and participate in and enjoy other true “camp experiences” including archery, skeet shooting, arts and crafts, swimming, and hiking. Sighted campers experienced beep baseball with their fellow blind campers. Beep baseball is a popular sport within the blind community that has similar characteristics to baseball as many of us know it but allows for accommodations in the way of beeping baseballs and beeping bases.

The camp finale was a celebration with parents, family members, and Camp Carter staff where campers shared their movie projects. Each camper was awarded their very own iPad, but the best gift they most treasured was memorable the summer experiences and their new friends.