Assistive Technology

These days, Assistive Technology is helping people who are blind or visually impaired do things they may have thought they couldn’t do before. The Lighthouse provides assessment and training on these devices. Our Assistive Technology Specialist works with clients to determine what Assistive Technology is right for them. This includes keyboard navigation, basic computer knowledge, video magnifiers, basic skill with everyday software (word processing, email, internet, etc.) and more. Our program also includes:

  • Closed Circuit Television Loaner Program – numerous CCTVs are in circulation within the community for individuals who could not otherwise afford this device. CCTVs magnify text images, which allows the individual to read print.
  • Keyboarding classes
  • Smart phone training and tablet training
  • Apps and other various technology instruction
  • Individualized technology consultations and training


Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility refers to training in the skills necessary to travel safely and independently using a mobility white cane, guide dog, and/or other navigation aids. This training includes instructions which will enable our clients to know where they are, learn where they wish to go, and plan on how to get there safely and independently. During the training, clients will undergo instruction in the following areas:

  • Orientation & Mobility assessments and training
  • Public transportation training
  • Navigation aids


Independent Living Training

Independent Living training teaches our clients the essentials to remain self-sufficient in their homes. This training helps clients regain confidence with everyday activities and teaches them skills that allow them to remain independent. Training may include:

  • Beginners Braille classes
  • Cooking without Looking
  • Home and personal organization
  • Leisure and recreation activities
  • Communication skills


Blind Awareness Training

Blind Awareness Training is designed to help people who are sighted better understand how people who are blind or visually impaired function in daily life, through blindfolded exercises and communication techniques. This training is an excellent team building exercise and is great for groups and organizations. It can be done here at the Lighthouse, or can be taken out to other off site venues.